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  • About Antwerp Monumental Churches


    Antwerp Monumental Churches (MKA vzw) is the central contact point and umbrella organization for the Cathedral of Our Lady and the churches of St Andrew, St Charles Borromeo, St James and St Paul: five religiously active churches located in the historical centre of Antwerp. MKA is responsible for the promotion of the immensely rich heritage of these five places of worship and supports the mediation for visitors.


    MKA’s mission is to encourage and support collaboration between the Cathedral of Our Lady and the churches of St Andrew, St Charles Borromeo, St James’ and St Paul. By pooling resources in this way, the association aims to deliver sustainable, high-quality care for the cultural heritage of these five monumental churches and to encourage the joint development of their outreach in a serene and publicly beneficial manner.


    Who are we?

    Board of Directors

    MKA is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the General Meeting.

    Paul Bistiaux | Chairman
    Chairman of the Fabric Committee, St Paul’s Church

    Helena Vanloon | Secretary a.i.
    Representative of the St James’ Church

    Olivier Lins | Treasurer
    Chairman of the Fabric Committee, St-Charles Borromeo’s Church 

    Christian Devos
    Representative of the Fabric Committee, Our Lady’s Cathedral

    Rudi Mannaerts
    Representative of the Fabric Committee, St Andrew’s Church    

    Dirk Vermeiren
    Representative of Antwerp Pastoral Tourism 


    Tonia Dhaese | Coordinator


    Antwerp’s five monumental churches have relied on volunteers for many years to open up these jewels of the city’s heritage to tourists. It is thanks to their efforts that everyone has the opportunity to visit and experience these treasuries of art and cultural heritage.

    Visitors are given a warm personal reception, rooted in a powerfully held sense of hospitality. Each volunteer contributes to the visitor experience in his or her own way, whether as reception staff, welcomer, guide or part of the maintenance team.
    Are you hospitable by nature with a special affection for religious heritage? If so Antwerp Monumental Churches (MKA) would like to put you in contact with one of the volunteer organizations and groups active at the five monumental churches.

    Contact Tonia Dhaese via info@mkantwerpen.be or check the volunteer vacancies: